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This is only one of the more disturbing and perplexing issues end us-
        ers of these types of products are faced with and don’t expect.  We
        hear volumes about these products, in various forms, being waterproof
        but not so much about indentation and, we’ll add here, scratching.
        People’s expectations of these products are very high, thinking they
        are some uniquely original flooring but when it comes down to it they
        are still vinyl flooring products, albeit in different variants.                     The experts at LGM

        These materials are generally rated for static load to limits of 250 to          specialize in consultation, cor-
        750 pounds per square inch.  That’s quite a bit of weight to sit on one          rection and resolution for floor-
        spot for an extended period of time.  Consider also the weight of the            ing complaints, claims, installa-
        person or persons sitting on the furniture.  A big guy can weigh in ex-           tion and performance issues.
        cess of 300 pounds which adds to the load on the legs of the furniture
        in contact with the flooring.  For sheet goods in hospitals, Stryker or          No issue is too big, too small or
        Hill-Rom beds can weigh in excess of 500 pounds and surgical beds                 too far away for us to handle.
        almost 900 pounds.  Add to that the weight of the individual in the bed
        and you have a massive compressive and rolling load on the vinyl                All ads are interactive. Just click
        flooring.  Exacerbating the weight load with the beds is the type of             on the ad to enter their website.
        wheel used on them.  Many of the new beds use a much thinner wheel
        with a “crown” at the center point of the wheel from the mold it was             We are now posting the
        cast in.  The rolling and compressive load limits on the flooring don’t
        take into consideration how thin the crown of this type of wheel is             CFR on LinkedIn. Just click
        when rating the floor.  The thinner wheel will exert a much higher pres-        the image below or search
        sure, static or rolling, on the vinyl flooring.                                  under Lew Migliore and
                                                                                               let’s connect!!

       WHEELS                                          HILL ROM BED THIN WHEEL –
                                                       NOTE CROWN AND SEAM
                                                       ON WHICH WHEEL RIDES


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