Page 5 - 2018-12-CFR Volume 123 - Indentations in Resilient Hard Surface Flooring - December 2018
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will eliminate the pain, aggravation, frustration and real money lost on the back end after the disappoint-
       ment of a failure to live up to expectations.

       In so far as a manufacturer telling you something will work and then it doesn’t, and they accept responsi-
       bility for the failure and agree to replace the flooring, they should also step up to the pump for the labor
       as well.  If there is an admission of responsibility for the flooring failure it shouldn’t be incumbent upon
       the flooring contractor to pay for the labor.  What did he do wrong that made the flooring fail in such a
       case?   Loath as manufacturers are to pay labor, when the failure is justifiably that of the flooring materi-
       al and not an installation concern, the labor for rip up and replacement should be on them – like it or not.
       This point can arguably and successfully be won.   If the flooring contractor is not culpable why should
       they be liable?

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       always have the answers.

      5                                            Commercial Flooring Report                            December 2018
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