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Tufted and Woven Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Wood, Laminate, Cork, Vinyl (tile,plank, sheet goods), Ceramic Tile, Terrazzo, Concrete Substrate Issues, Moisture Issues, Adhesives, Installation Failures, Repairs and Resolutions




Guidance, Consulting, Determination, Legal Assistance and Resolution of Flooring Issues:

Onsite Physical Investigation – Product Sample Evaluation

Identifying Substrate, Concrete and Moisture Issues

Certified Product Testing – Insurance Loss Evaluations

Dispute Resolution, Litigation Assistance and Proffered Expert Witness  

Right Product in the Right Place: Get it in the Door; Keep it on the Floor:

Construction/Renovation Project Assistance to Determine Suitable Flooring – Develop Flooring Specifications – Installation Assistance

New Flooring Product Development and Marketing

Educational Seminars (Corporate and Personal/Individual)


“You have to follow the evidence regardless of where it takes you; it’s the job.”

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Dispute Resolutions and Legal Assistance

We can help facilitate a resolution to a dispute or assist in litigation.

Onsite Physical Inspection

For all floor covering materials and substrate issues.
LGM is truly, “The CSI of the Floor Covering Industry”.


Start with the end in mind. We can assist from start to finish with all flooring aspects of a project.

Educational Seminars

  • Floorcovering Education in Action
  • Onsite and Customized to fit your needs
  • Corporate and Personal/Individual

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Really Think Green

green-lightbulbIn order to increase the longevity of floor covering you must make sure it is the correct product for the application. Far to many times the incorrect product is either selected or specified and ultimately does not perform as expected. The result is that the product is replaced prematurely.

LGM can help you select the right product.

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