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Our expert staff specializes in the practice of consulting on and trouble shooting for floor covering complaints, problems, claims, and performance issues and related educational services.

The benefits of LGM’s knowledge, unequaled experience, incomparable talents and skill in the industry are readily and eagerly available for service to our clients.

Our goals are designed to help you and your team understand complaints and problems typical to the flooring industry. We can describe how problems can be caused by manufacturing, installation, or the end user. We have an extended library with a wealth of technical information that contains photos, technical bulletins, industry standards, and many documents that identify the concern to explain and describe why problems occur. For more complex issues we have readily accessible a state of the art certified testing facility. There is little if anything that can escape the scrutiny of someone who knows floor covering as well Lew and his associates.

LEWIS G. MIGLIORE,  PRESIDENT For over 40 years Lew Migliore has been associated with the floor covering industry. Challenges, experience, successes and opportunities servicing floor coverings lead to his developing a unique business model in the technical and educational segment of the industry, by determining and solving problems. Lew Migliore is considered to be the floor covering industries’ most respected and competent independent, objective and unbiased analyst of complaints, problems and performance issues and is a uniquely qualified speaker, author and instructor on the subject. His services are rendered in an honest and impartial manner to determine if and what problems exist, who or what is at fault, and why and determining resolutions.

He deals with a multitude of floor covering problems including, but not limited to, those related to manufacturing, specification, installation, performance, use and maintenance. Lew has written padding and installation specifications, maintenance manuals, and claims policies for carpet manufacturers and end users. Lew is the author and columnist of “The Claims File” for Floor Covering News and in addition, he is the publisher of “The Commercial Flooring Report” distributed to over 5000 readers nationwide.